State of the Hogs: Less talk more action needed

Here’s the post-game column from Saturday after the game: … goal-line/

I was distressed that our coach would be trying to put the blame on the kicker for the loss of this game in a public manner. My high school coach would never have done that no matter how upset he might have been at anyone of us for missteps in a game. He needs to look at himself like Bear Bryant always did when he lost a game. He would say I was “out coached” get back to business to coach a "winning team.

I was shocked by that too

I was disappointed in AA demeanor on the field - as a leader showing your disgust and frustration for your fellow players only fractures your team - those comments needed to be private one on one and praise in public

I always laugh – and I did again today – when someone trots out the line about Bear Bryant saying he was outcoached after a loss. My friend Louis Campbell coached eight years for Bear. He said Bear told his assistants that he would say that once every two or three years. Not more than that. He didn’t want fans to hear that often. But it helps if you don’t have to say it, meaning you don’t lose. That was the trick for Bear Bryant, not having to say it much.

I apologize to my wife when I make a mistake that I should have known better to make. But I know if I’m having to apologize much, then I probably am not a very good husband.

I completely agree. Classless move by coach to call a kid out as if those six points were why we failed in every phase of the game. That poor kicker missed two field goals and had a bad day on national TV and everyone knew it. But he didn’t get whipped as an O line, he didn’t miss throws or run bad routes, and he wasn’t responsible for bad tackling.

Coach B’s team was beat in every phase of the game. Badly. He starts calling out a kicker like that to show how tough he is and cloud fact his team was horrible is just shameful. Heart goes out to that kid.

Get a new kicker if needed but I would be inclined to get a new head coach if the coach doesn’t acknowledge more the complete failure in every phase of the game in year five with a losing record, and instead piles on publicly to a kid who missed two field goals, as if…

I didn’t really have a problem with the coach saying what he did about the FG’s. It was obvious. Perhaps those misses didn’t cost us the game, but perhaps they did. They were terribly demoralizing. We were still in the game until the final pass interference call that gave TCU a first down deep in our territory with under 3 minutes to go. The defense simply quit at that point.

I suspect we’re a better team than we showed yesterday. Goodness I hope we are. We need receivers who can get open or we’ll see 8 in the box all year.

Really Clay! Not sure that the line is “trotted out” very often. Bear’s been gone since 1983 and there are a lot of folks that only know of him as “the good coach who wore houndstooth”. THIS is what part of the problem is…still trying to defend this coach. IT WAS COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE that he threw Hedlund under the bus!!! As a leader, you ALWAYS accept responsibility!. Implying the kicker was responsible for the loss … UNREAL!.. We, as a fanbase, HAVE to develop some objectivity… UNREAL that you would defend CBB for doing this!!!

I look for Frank Ragnow to show some guts in 2 weeks and get the team motivated.
In the red zone you need touch downs. End of story. Cole Hedlund has not been an effective kicker for more than just this one game. As the coach don’t send him out there go for it on 4 th down.
The whole offensive staff and head coach are at fault and share the blame for the team offensive performance.
We stink in the red zone and have for some time. Enos is getting predictable and Gary Patterson knew what was coming.
You won’t win many games 0 for 2 on red zone possessions that’s the problem.

I think some of you missed the entire point of the column after the game. Less talk and more action needed. That covers it.

When a team loses, the coach is always at fault. It’s assumed. At least I assume it. That’s what he’s paid to do, win. If he doesn’t, then he’s at fault.

If I knew I was going to change placekickers, I’d probably mention it, too.

I know if he didn’t mention that he was going to change kickers, there would be an uproar, too.

I think it’s clear with the boos that everyone wanted a change in kickers.

I don’t blame Cole Hedlund. I do blame the coach who picked him. He based it on practice, but there is something about games that makes it different for kickers. There are some who can take their practice to games, but some who cannot.

FYI, I didn’t even use the stuff about the kicker. I didn’t want to blame Cole, other than to say the kicks were missed. So that stuff wasn’t in my column.

Throwing the kicker under the bus is fine, he earned it… but having drives stall on the two and four yard line is a much bigger problem. Maybe he should be throwing Anderson under the bus if he can find one big enough? When you see the same issue year to year there is a coaching problem someone should own and leave if not corrected including CBB.

if the kicker was the reason for the loss… MAYBE you could justify making the comment

clearly CLEARLY the kicker was not the main reason for the loss.
IF he was… since when do we single out one guy like that ??

equally clear was the fact that the kicker did bad. he knows it. we know it . coach knows it .
“no comment” would have been appropriate.
deal with him as you see fit but no benefit to berate him in the press conference. not to you . not to him . not for us…

additionally i would argue that it is out of character for CBB to have said it. I even wondered when i read it whether or not the quote was someone taken out of context or i was misreading it myself.

i am a complete loss to see where anyone could say otherwise. i get it. we all have our own opinons and thats great but this falls in the category of what CS Lewis would call “rule of natural law”

just wrong

I was disappointed in Coach B with his comments concerning Cole. To my knowledge, this was the first time that I have seen him take anything but the high road concerning players . Makes me wonder if he is feeling the heat. He recruited and signed Cole, selected him to play over the other competition that he also recruited and signed. Man up coach!

He didn’t throw the kicker under the bus. He pointed out that a change was needed at kicker, just like he pointed out that a change was needed with the receivers. The difference is there’s only one kicker, and it appears as though he was calling out a player. It’s just an obvious phase of the game that needs to be improved.