State of the Hogs: Koilan Jackson's Got the Genes

Here’s a front-page column: … his-genes/

If Kolian is anywhere near the athlete his dad was, then he will be a plus for the Razoback program. Keith Jackson was big, fast and mobile. What a receiver he was. He was like a fast tank. Unstoppable at OU was Keith. He was a very good basketball player, too.

Not sure Koilan is going to be quite as heavy as his daddy, but he might be faster before he’s done. He’s already really fast. He might be more physical than his daddy at the same age. Keith didn’t block as the OU tight end. He released and they ran the triple option. He just ran at the safety on every play and they had to decide if he was going to be a pass threat or not. Most times, he wasn’t, but when he was, it was a big play. My favorite plays with Keith were the tight end reverses.

So excited to have him. You just know he’ll be a leader too. As far as his Dad is concerned, I’ve been friends with Keith for over 20 yrs and he is one of the finest men I’ve ever known.