State of the Hogs: Keys to Victory (Ole Miss)

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I enjoyed this write up. It’s about Razorback football which I have following for many years. I am first, last and always a die hard Razorback fan.

There was an interesting story in the Ft Worth Star-Telegram today regarding TCU coach, Danny Patterson. Patterson has a secret weapon in that most former players of Patterson return to the TCU campus because of it being a great source of pride. Many of these players are successful professional football players and they are key to Patterson being successful in recruiting the good football players. They really talk up the program to prospective recruits and then calm those already in the program who are being pushed in a way they have not been pushed before. TCU success is then no accident. Our coaches can learn from other programs and TCU is a great example.

Intro is one of your best. Loved it. Great article.