State of the Hogs: Keys to victory (LSU edition)

Here you go (and this could be also titled “a penny for your thoughts, what it’s probably worth”):

Good stuff as always. Editing note…ULM was formerly Northeastern LA University not Northwestern LA.

My Tiger Stadium stories were always sitting with the Tiger band(my father in law was band announcer) and not able to cheer for the Hogs.

Great tailgating at that place though if you could put up with the Tiger Bait taunts.

Funny thing, I wrote Northwestern Louisiana and an editor changed it. I knew where he coached. It should have said Northwestern State. I’ve been to that place, where they filmed Steel Magnolias. And I knew that’s where Fitz coached. It’s also where Ed Orgeron came from, sort of. Hatfield hired him from there as a strength coach.

Our newspaper style for that school is Northwestern (La.) State.

I hate the directional names. It was extremely confusing in Oklahoma.

There was Northeastern A&M (a junior college in Miami) in Oklahoma, and Northeastern State University (a DII school in Tahlequah). You say Northeastern, you are talking about the 4-year school. You say NEO and you are talking about the junior college.

Great column. My senior year at Arkansas, three months from graduation, I had a graduate assistantship lined up at LSU. The Army ROTC Professor of Military Science, the Colonel, called me into his office and told me the Army was offering a Regular Army commission, even though I hadn’t asked for it. My fiancee and I were getting married in May. In March, we were sitting at the Pizza Hut on Hwy 71, discussing options. The Army commission included an assignment in Germany. We opted for the Army and Germany. It would take another 44 years for me to get to see the LSU campus, when we attended a game there. The people were very friendly to us, as friendly as any in the SEC. It may have been because they expected an easy victory. Regardless, I understand their passion, just as I understand the Arkansas fans’ passion. Would love to see a big victory there this Saturday night.

Doc…Actually it was named Northeast Louisiana University instead of Northeastern. But ULM going forward. I think I liked NLU better. :wink:

Great recap of Tiger Stadium and Tiger Bait chant. One of great places to play at night and not for the timid. Your family was brave to sit in middle of the those purple and gold fanatics.

I watched those Monroe teams play regular season games in La and cross states into Miss. The talent was better than Texas high football at the time. The state finals in NOLA Superdome was a showcase of talent at all levels. Katrina forced many families to relocate and talent is not quite so dominant today.

You are spot on that QB has been the one missing ingredient to that program being dominant on consistent basis. Jimbo Fisher , Lane Kiffin or someone with history of developing QB’s could be the next Saban given the abundance of skill and talented players in state.

I’m sure Joe Burrow was delighted when he saw the wide receiver talent when he arrived in Baton Rouge. Ohio State has good WR talent, too. But no one has had any better big, great wideouts than LSU over a long period.

As far as the bravery of my family, not sure they fully understood what they were walking into in 1993. They would not sit in those seats again.

I will say that one nice LSU lady broke ranks and handed the girls Tiger tails (like you saw hanging from gas caps) as souvenirs after they got doused. She apologized for her neighbors, “They are adults who should know better, but they probably had too much to drink.”

Another thing my ladies didn’t understand at the time, how unusual it was to see LSU lose by that margin in that stadium. It just does not happen much.

My only game at Tiger Stadium was in 1981. There was a guy from Arkadelphia who was an LSU grad, he wasn’t going to the LSU-Bama game and he let us use his tickets on the 50-yard line. We went to Ole Miss-Tulane in the Superdome that afternoon and LSU-Bama that night. Nice day of college football.

My guess is you get a little better class of drunk on the 50-yard-line in Red Stick, but Bama so completely controlled that game (LSU lost 24-7 and it wasn’t that close) that the Cajuns never got riled up. I was sort of for Bama in that game (Bear Bryant being an Arkansas boy and I didn’t know yet what [redacted] Ocean Scum fans are) but we didn’t do any cheering. I’d spent enough time in the press box that I knew how to control that.

LSU would finish 3-7-1 that season, with the tie against the other team I saw that day, Ole Miss.

The first couple times I made the trip to LSU my tickets in the Ark section weren’t that great, so I was up under the upper deck. Over time, my tickets migrated down further in the section, so I had a better view but was exposed to the beer and god knows what else from above. I’ve been hit by stuff before, but usually just a few drops. Always had fun there, but anybody who thinks WMS is a dump has never sat in the lower levels of Death Valley.

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My last time in Baton Rouge for an Arkansas/LSU game was November, 2007. Yes, the 3 OTs where the Hogs ultimately prevailed 50-48. Darren McFadden ran wild that day; what a game…what a game!

My wife and I sat in the end zone, upper deck. Obviously surrounded by tiger fans. The guy next to me was very friendly, problem was I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. He was from as deep in the bayou as you could get. He reminded me of some of the characters in the movie Waterboy with Adam Sandler! At the end of the game, he shook my hand, smiled and said something – probably to kiss his a$$…

Baton Rouge/Death Valley is a must for any true college football fan. This is our year. We get it done Saturday night – GHG!

I always enjoy my trips to Tiger Stadium (from a great seat in the press box). Great band. Fun to watch the show (game and halftime). Wish I did not have to write! It will be a busy night.

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