State of the Hogs: Key to 3-4 starts at nose tackle

Here’s a front-page commentary: … se-tackle/

Would undersized, quick Nose Tackles (Mike Campbell, Richard Richardson, Tony Cherico) be effective in today’s College Football?

Speed and quickness can be devastating. Melvin Bradley was undersized and made a lot of plays. Undersized today is 260. But I think extreme ability still can work.

thank u Clay I have been saying the exact same thing,your NG has to demand a DT! I like the fact that he has gotten himself quicker which will make it much harder to block him…I also like we are going to be more aggressive and attacking up front,no OL likes to block that type of approach,just have to careful with traps and taking ourselves out of plays.

I am taking a very cautious approach gto the i beleive helps you on the perimiter but if you are soft iniside(NG and MLB) you are going to get gashed 4-5 yds a rip…very excited that my favorite time of the yr is almost here!!

Several top football minds think it takes away some things that have hurt our defense. But it gives some plays. It contains the run overall better. And better at having another linebacker to stop qb run.

Overall it’s easier to disguise blitzes. More possibilities to get movement and confuse qbs.