State of the Hogs: Keeping close eye on Jacksons

Here’s a front-page commentary: … -jacksons/

Great article, Clay. I love your insight.

Hate to read that about Bijhon. I hope he gets it together.

A little disconcerting about Bijhon. I thought he’d moved past that.

The 3-4 hinges on the nose, so I hope someone is ready to man that position.

Gonna be another long year for our D if Jackson doesn’t have a good year. We need good play from him & Capps to have quality depth at a critical position.

I always enjoy the versatile, vocal stylings of Clay Henry. From Black Oak Arkansas to The Jackson 5, and probably everything in between. The man’s got range. Gotta say I did not like the sound of that B note however.

I would put Bijohn through a ton of snaps if I was his coach to make him lose some weight. It also would make it obvious to the young man that you are still too heavy. They might be doing that now.

i had expressed concern about Bijohn a good while back and apparaently hes not all that good and hes the best we have.we could be in trouble inside and it will really show up against the better teams…I was afraid of this.