State of the Hogs: Juiceful first practice

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The new coaching staff is always very complementary of the area, the school, the atmosphere, the facilities, etc.… I wonder how much are the real feelings and how much is the company line that they have to say? Any idea how they and their families are “settling in”?

For the most part coming from the Coaches is “The Company Line” when addressing players/prospects same as they would anywhere although there is no BS when you see it, but I do feel from a family perspective it is a more relaxing laid back secure atmosphere with plenty of eye candy as well which bodes well for Wives & Moms.

I was at the Chancellor Hotel during December a lot and bumped into them a couple of times. Them and the new AD were genuinely impressed with the total package of UofA, Fay, and NWA.

I’ve never known any coach or wife of coach who did not like Fayetteville.