State of the Hogs: Jake Raulerson Qualifies as Special Newcomer

Here’s my column after media day – mostly on Jake Raulerson: … -newcomer/

Best news on the new season must be about Jake. There were many concerns about inexperience with the Oline. It’s beginning to sound very much like 3 returning starters rather than two. Huge.

I’m not gonna lie, the Texass helmet beside the bed deal kinda makes me sick. Maybe Skipper will pee on it every chance he gets. :o

I’m certainly glad he’s a Hog, but why did he leave UT?

Graduated and had options. Recruited by Mack Brown and did not want to play for Charlie Strong. Received a BBA in finance and wanted an MBA.

As long as he plays his heart out for the Hogs which I think he will, we can excuse the Texass helmet in his bedroom. He has a lot of pride in playing for Texass and his home state. We need his experience.

Pride in a degree from Texas is understandable. A Texas flag is even ok as long as he is all HOG on the field. The helmet should have stayed in Texas.

Sounds like a great kid with a good head on his shoulders! I’m glad he’s a Razorback. This generation simply doesn’t understand the rivalry between the Hogs and the shorthorns. Can’t blame him for being born too late in time, but I do hope he keeps that helmet out of public view…

If he becomes an SEC caliber O-lineman for us and helps our offense this year, we will soon forget what he has on his bed and in his room.
Don’t forget he chose to come t a school that beat the crap out of his team a couple of years ago.

I want to commend Clay for an excellent article that sets this site apart from others. I really like it.

I tried to cover the angles in talking to four or five people about him. Players love him. That’s all I needed to know. They understand he’s going to help. There are lots of places he could have come to play, but he picked both Arkansas and our business school. That is a good thing.

I’m glad he’s here, but a Longhorn helmet is too much.

I enjoyed talking to several about Jake and he’s an incredibly bright young man. He pointed out that he was not the first Texas player to leave and play for Arkansas. He is pretty sure a volleyball player did it two years ago. That’s probably not something I knew about.

Jake becoming a Hog is huge for us in several ways.

  1. We get a 4-star HS recruit with three years of experience in a power 5 program in a critical part of the team where he is sorely needed.
  2. He gives us a huge recruiting tool with future O-line recruits in Texas. When it comes down to us versus the Shorthorns, he can testify on their visit about the difference between the programs.
  3. He plus the UNLV lineman previously and Russell Wilson back at Wisconsin all send a loud message to any other player in the same position. You are wanted and can come to Arkansas and succeed. Being uncommon is a given with athletes who graduate in three years. We want all of them we can get.

I don’t care whose helmet he wants to have in his room as long as he plays hard and recruits hard for us. JMVHO.

One of our current golfers, Charles Kim, transferred from UT before he ever played in a tournament for them.