State of the Hogs: It’s Arkansas by a leg

Here you go:

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A Little Leg ….kicking balls Up and through the uprights

Little is Big for us - great kid and thanks for the write up

We sure seem to like playing the Mississippi schools so the fans will get their monies worth?

Clay, I have concerns on Defense for the long haul… I just don’t see the DL improving…. and don’t see the recruits…. Transfers yes, recruits no…

The transfer portal changes everything, though. We did well with it last year. I bet we do this year, too.

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Kid has a bright future,I watch his Xpoints and 99% are straight down the middle with no hint of going anywhere but straight which means his alignment and stroke are as pure as it can get just like a dead straight drive in golf which I didn’t see many of when I was playing LOL always a draw for me,I believe he can hit from 60…Great weapon to have!

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