State of the Hogs: Is passing game fixed?

Here is a front-page commentary after listening to the media briefings Monday: … ame-fixed/

“guessing the Hogs improve to closer to 65 completion percentage”…

I’ve looked at Hick’s historical passing results, against lesser competition (than the SEC):

I’m not sure I can envision this with Hicks behind the throttle.

I’m interested in what the pundits have seen?

Very good assessment I thought. Your closing conclusion I especially liked.

We know it has to be better than it was last year. I will be interested to see if Morris can keep from switching starters every week if things don’t go well. Sounds to me like this offense is fairly complicated since getting people in the right position was the key to the decision.

Hicks got better every year with completion percentage. You would expect another slight jump as a senior.