State of the Hogs: Improvement on Defense Starts with Getting Off Blocks

Here’s the practice story from Tuesday night: … t-starts-/

Clay, the guys addressed the outside runs pretty well. Hopefully they learned and will do better. I did not read a thing about the wide open middle for both passes and QB runs. It has been there all season. Often, Bama’s tight end had no one in 20 yds right down the middle. Chad Kelly can certainly run and most often it si right past coming linemen. What are they doing about that?

This season reminds me a little of Nolan’s last season at Arkansas. A lot of people were unhappy with the Hogs losing 10 conference games and four in nonleague play. What nobody realized was how difficult that schedule was. It had to have been the hardest that an Arkansas team has ever faced.

Using Pomeroy ratings, the Hogs played 16 games against top 50 opponents, four against the top 10. Only six opponents out of 29 weren’t in the top 100. Twenty-two games against top-88 teams.

The SEC was rated the toughest conference in Division I, by a good margin. That Razorback team had personnel shortcomings, but the schedule was a big problem.

This year’s schedule might end up looking really nasty, too. The opening SEC run of aTm, Alabama, Ole Miss, @ Auburn, Florida, LSU could prove to be way over our heads. Or more difficult than most had expected.

Good call I think. Ole Miss, Auburn and LSU are losses I think. Not at all sure the Razorbacks will be able to handle Fla. And as unlikely as it may sound, if the coaches and players can’t get some things corrected I’m not sure they can win the last two games on the road.

Things are beginning looking a lot like 2012.

I think the emphasis on stopping quarterback influenced everything else. Rhoads did say the big plays came in both the run and the pass. Correct. Linebackers have to be aware of the tight ends and without question Ole Miss has a good one.

“Getting off the Blocks”…why wasn’t this a problem the past two seasons with the 9 returning starters…I’m seeing a tremendous amount of blaming a lot of things besides “coaching” failures.

In other industries, the Head Man wouldn’t be around after the franchise takes this kind of tumble. Of course, they can always blame the peons they hired, too.

I think it is a bit early to call it a tumble with half the season left to go and two more wins in the books than this time last year. We got troubles, but then again so does every body in the conference not named A & M or Bama. They may keep bumbling around and go 6-6, but then again they may get things together and go 9-3.