State of the Hogs: Impressions from practice

Here you go: … l-practic/

Great article sounds like there is plenty to improve on up front… I would love for Soli to be a difference maker hopefully as he adds weight it won’t slow him down any.How did Nwanna look? do you think Winkel is good enough to play?

Didn’t see Nwana do much. Hard to say. Winkel is going to be a good player. He’s still young. He didn’t do much in the fall because of injury. I do not figure he will end up as the starter at right guard. I believe Clenin, Gatlin or Adcock will wind up there. I also expect Beaux Limmer to compete for playing time. He will arrive in May. Or you could see Capps at left guard and Cunningham at right guard. Cunningham is going to start somewhere.

Yeah I agree on limmer I think he’s going to be a great player.Cunningham has the athleticism if he can handle the physicality. I’m really concerned at center. Clary just doesn’t look very big at 287 lb. I have always liked Winkle I think he too will be very good the problem is we need these guys to be able to play now.

I think that’s an old weight on Clary. I believe he’s closer to 300.