State of the Hogs: Hogs win silver with pride intact

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I expected that Bama speed to be an issue but the sustained drives by the Hawgs and matching the physicality of line play the whole game was what made me feel the best. Bama has one of best offensive and defensive players in country on the field and without them playing at their best, they would have lost that game.

Cannot wait until we recruit more speed , esp. secondary as this program is far cry from the marshmallow teams of three and four years ago.

The poor performance of the referee crew was clear to everyone watching the game including the CBS crew doing the broadcast. One hopes the SEC does something to address this in off season as this about the fourth time a team or coach has been critical of how a game has been called . Ky being most vocal. Best league does not need games settled by those not playing the games.

Finally , as you noted three weeks ago, fans remember how you play and finish in November. How true.


I have no hope for this.


Ironically, Bama fans were upset at the officials, too. A neutral media guy told me the refs were bad both ways. Go figure.

Yep, I cringed when Burks pushed off on one of his big catches and run for TD. Just knew it would be called back. Marveled that it wasn’t.

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Exactly! I really expected a flag and the long TD to be called back.

So yeah, once again as usual, both sides thought the calls went against them. Bama with the two big holding calls that stopped drives and the possible Burks offensive PI on the long touchdown catch, and then of course, Hog fans were upset about the replay booth, the intentional grounding, and the awful spot on the obvious touchdown.

The impressive thing to me was that our team overcame the replay overturns and the supposed bad intentional grounding call and still scored on those drives.

In the end, the refs didn’t take over the game and throw a lot of flags, allowing it to be settled on the field, which is all your really want for the most part.

Jobe had both hands on Burks for about 5 yards. Ref just said play on. (I guess.)


I’m so proud of this Team and Coa h Sam’s leadership

So far removed from the pain of the Coach who remains un named disaster

Now - forward - Beat Mizzou

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Replay and live feed is all we saw, which showed Burks push just as the ball arrived.

Hope you and Butch had a good visit and had time to eat out here in the area. Never see Butch across town.

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Our room all laughed at Burks’ push of,
We all yelled “kick the PAT” before it could go to replay.

BUT when they showed the replay, he did Not Push off. The Bama defender just ran past the play.

Just a great, totally legal, play by burks. Again.


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We played golf at Northriver on Friday and had dinner there Friday night. If you are gonna see Butch anywhere, it’s going to be at Northriver CC. He won the golf game Friday. It was not close.

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I’ll speculate that Butch plays a lot more golf these days than you. Great to hear you spent time with him. Get the magazine out and then catch some trout.

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That’s because 2, count’em TWO offensive holdings were called! Unprecedented!

Not really trying to go the conspiracy route, I just think improvements need to be made across the board.

I did as well, however the stripes have not called offensive pass interference all year on plays like that. Considering we were playing Alabama , I was surprised it wasn’t called.

They called everything on Arkansas at Georgia, including three flags on one play. That’s the most I’ve seen ever. There was also offensive pass interference on Burks.

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