State of the Hogs: Hitting the links with Chief

Here is a column written after an afternoon with John Chavis: … nks-chief/

Clay, this was a great read!
So, when you were a kid going to dinner at Frank’s house after games, did you realize how lucky you were to be part of that, or did you take it for granted?

I had no idea that it might be unusual. Our families were close so it just seemed natural.

Clay, that was a wonderful story. I love the inside personal information you share. And I love hearing about Chief and Caldwell on the recruiting trail.

After reading this and reading earlier that Lemming says that with Morris and company Arkansas can be a power as good as Bama and Georgia…I am pumped.

This article is a great example of why HI is my one stop place for Hog news.

Thanks Clay.

You guys are welcome. I’m excited to be back writing. I took most of three weeks off. in early July. I missed a week of planned vacation with my wife during June. Too many things were going on and we canceled what was going to be a trip to Durango. Then, the Omaha trip wiped out a tarpon trip to Florida. I’ll try to do that next summer. I’ve long wanted to try to get hooked up with a big salt water fish and the tarpon seems like it’s calling my name. But I am glad to be back working and doing what I love and that’s to write. It’s a great thrill to write something that someone else might want to read.

Music to our ears.

Brain food.

Golf and Talking football is a match made in Heaven…Got to get back out there,haven’t been since my Brother passed a couple yrs ago.

I had not played golf in three years. I play golf if there is someone special in the foursome. Otherwise, I could care less about golf these days. To spend four hours with Chief was priceless.

Great piece of work Clay. From an older guy, play more golf.

I’d rather fish. I don’t like trying to make a 5-foot putt and what that does to my mind when it only goes 3 feet. I was a great putter at a different point in my life. I thought I’d make everything and sometimes I did. I can hardly draw it back. Muscles are tight. Can’t get my hands soft on the grip and that’s what it ought to feel like, almost like you are holding nothing. I’m not going to battle putting.