State of the Hogs: Harry Jones one of the greatest Arkansas backs

Here’s a front-page commentary after visiting with Johnny Majors and Barry Switzer about Harry Jones: … est-runni/

Harry Jones was also one of my all-time favorite Razorbacks. I was reading somewhere that his junior year which was also his first year at running back he lead the nation in yards per carry. None of our backs gained a lot of total yards in our offense but you have to remember that backfield had Bobby Burnett, Jim Lindsey and Jones playing the running back positions. They had to split the carries among them. All three were drafted in the NFL and good careers. The only other backfield I can think of like that would be McFadden, Jones and Hillis back a few years ago. They also were all three drafted by the NFL.

Without question, that was a very good backfield. Jim Lindsey and Harry Jones rotated at wingback. Both were very good players.

What a great story on “Light Horse Harry Jones”. He was a hero to many of us that grew up in the 60’s. It’s so nice to hear that Harry was so well thought of by those close to him.

Thank you Clay for the historical, personal stories you tell about former Hogs. No one else has the stories you share.

Still have my copy of the “Hurrying Harry Jones” SI issue. I was 16, great time to be a Razorback!

Light Hoss Harry Jones, by the Rivermen

I remember being in Texas and listening to a couple of SWC team sports announcers discussing Harry. One made the remark of such that “Harry Jones will probably make the all SWC offensive team as a halfback and he isn’t even on the starting lineup”.

The 2 announcers pondered that situation as I recall.