State of the Hogs: Fundamentals and technique key in Morris system

This is what I learned from talking to some veteran eyes. I always want to find someone who knows more than me when they are at practice. This is what I got without giving away any secrets: … als-domin/

man I would love to be out there!!! good stuff Clay!! we will get there under CMM especially with the defensive recruits he’s bringing in…by yr 3 lookout!

Really an EXCELLENT article. I hope what you’re hearing is all accurate and not just excitement before new coach’s first season. People can say what they want about Petrino, but he “got it” and we can only hope that Morris does too.

Very good article, Clay. I guess that our question for this year might be, assuming that he can instill the fundamental soundness, does he have the “hosses” capable of utilizing such techniques to win in the competition that we face? My guess would be that we have better personnel than results have shown in the past, but I do have the added concerns of the learning curves required for both the new offense and defense. Cautious optimism here.

This article is you at your best. I was disappointed when it was over.
In my mind the problem with the secondary to last two years was the players were technically unsound. They looked the wrong way. Moved the wrong way. They took bad angles. They couldn’t tackle when it counted. They would make a good play every now and then, but mostly they were flat awful.
What you are talking about is so encouraging. You seem energized by the new coaching staff. Your articles are longer and it is clear you are really enjoying yourself. It is a good time to be you! And it is a good time to be a reader of your articles. I never miss one.

Great read.

This is consistent with what I thought I was seeing, particularly on the offensive line. I thought Anderson was teaching how to run plays, not how to play the position. If you think about pro ball, that’s what most of the coaches do - get players to run plays, with the assumption they learned to play their positions in college.

Coaching is not about calling plays. It’s about teaching them how to play football. You better have teachers. And they better be good enough that the pupils looked taught when they are done. When they are done with these players and they look taught, I’m not sure. But it doesn’t happen over night. Unfortunately, they’ve had only 22 practices with them at this point – ahead of today’s scrimmage.

Nice work of an article.

Thanks Clay. Great insights on the changes taking place. This type of article can only be found here.


In my military experience. We train for combat everyday. Rule of training. NEVER physically punish at the beginning of training. You will almost guarantee an injury. Hence injured tighend( stupid and a rookie coaching move). Injuries will most likely happen when they are tired early. This is my problem with the Backs. They manipulate all the state kids, take them pick through them and the rest disappear. They injure most if their best players. You treat the kids like cattle. Most of those kids would have a better chance picking any other school. I pray God judges the racist, primitive organization for missuse of a third of those talented kids. God doesnt like it, and its just exploitation at its worse. That tightend getting hurt is a coaching error. Its 2018, so much medical information is available but the razorback keeps running through all the states kids like 300 the movie looking for the one. This will backfire in a cruel way. PROMISE!. You dont physically punish the kids at the beginning of practice. It brings a high risk of injure. His parents should sue.

So you are guessing he was hurt after they did up downs. Nope it was in the period before. All I can say is wow.

I got the feeling the last coaching staff worried too much about injuries. They didn’t scrimmage as often as previous staffs (maybe that’s my perception) and you rarely heard of them using anything resembling the Middle Drill (Nutt’s name for a high contact and collision drill).

Hence, the last staff’s teams weren’t physical enough to compete against SEC competition (or Rutgers or Toledo). They also lacked passion. They also stayed as beat up and any other football team.

Football is a contact sport.

Dockup is butt hurt because we’re getting a player HIS team wants

Docup is paying $14/month to be on a board of a team he despises. Wow.

Troll? Seriously? Our strength and conditioning coach even had our guys doing yoga to decrease risk of injury. Take your vengeance somewhere else, maybe Maryland. Their coaches are worthy of your post. Football is a physical game, injuries are part of it. Look at the pro game, preseason and guys who are heavily paid and counted on are going down.

It was these articles and posts by Clay that I missed most during my self-imposed nearly one year hiatus until the ADG came to their senses.

Great article and wonderfully detailed information Clay. At least before a troll decided to hijack the thread.

Idiot much? The premise of your entire ridiculous post is discredited by the fact that the injury happened BEFORE the up-downs. The only “stupid and rookie” move to see here was your post. Nice job! :lol: :lol:

There wasn’t any thought behind what he was writing other than he typed for about 15 minutes about something that he didn’t even know. That’s OK. We figured it out.