State of the Hogs: Former QBs praised Broyles the innovator

Here’s a column that I wrote for the weekend after talking to Fred Marshall, Bill Montgomery and Scott Bull: … /one-kind/

Enjoyed this one very much, Great read!

Clay, this is a great story, very-well done. To think that this great man continued to be a mentor to his players in such a hands-on way. It speaks highly of him and the kind of people he recruited as players and coaches.

I really enjoyed the story. Well done. I was in college in the time of Bill Montgomery when the Hogs were a great program. I do remember when there were signs all over Fayetteville that just said, “Bettah” referring to Coach Broyles always saying, “We got to get bettah”, in his Georgia drawl. He cast a huge shadow in those days.

We were so lucky he came to the coach our Razorbacks. Thanks, again, Coach. We love you and will miss you.