State of the Hogs: Father's Day and Best Friends

All of this came rolling back to me yesterday as I tried to write a Father’s Day column, an emotional event to say the least. I recalled a column I’d written three years ago when Marshall Smith passed away. He was like a second or third father to me. There was my dad, Bill Connors, Ed Beshara, Marshall Smith and probably a few others that I should mention. But, if you can handle misty-eyed musings from someone else, here you go: … -and-golf/

As always, Clay, your columns about friends and relatives are extra special. Thank you.

During football season, back in the day…waaaay back! :smiley:

After Mass at St Josephs in Pine Bluff, Dad drove us straight to John Noah’s restaurant for Sunday lunch. Of course before entering, Dad hit the Arkansas Gazette box. We got our table, and ordered. Dad would hand me the sports section and the first thing I read was Orville’s column which was all about the happenings of the Razorback game Saturday.