State of the Hogs: Defensive Line Descriptions

Here’s a front-page column: … s-defensi/

Far out and groovy Clay… :wink:

It is really neat to have those type players on the Dline. Got to have them. It will be cool to watch

I know that we have elite players. I hope that we also have an elite Dline when the chips are down.

If the D line doesn’t live up to the hype early and now a depleted secondary having injuries we might have another rough Sept

It’s critical we get off to a good start this season because this schedule only gets tougher as season rolls on

Good read… I believe, barring multiple injuries, D Line will be fine…

The secondary is actually deeper than last year, but not as deep as predicted in the summer. I still feel very good about the secondary, as does Paul Rhoads. Linebacker depth has improved and that will help pass defense, too. I just see an overall improved defense more like the one they finished with two years ago. I think the coaches feel the same way.