State of the Hogs: Defense dominant against the run

Here is the column posted last night right after the trip to the locker room. Not sure if it was linked here last night or not. When you get home at 3 a.m., everything is foggy the next day. Here you go: … -down-run/

It’s OK, Clay. You are allowed to be foggy after such a late night.

Did you have time for milk and cookies before bed?
I thought overall this opener looked better than last years opener.
The only thing that stood out on defense we had them backed up to the end zone and could not keep them pinned to it.

Big competition level difference between LA tech and FAMU, though. Thought the D looked much improved, but it’s just so hard to gauge anything against an FCS team, let alone a very bad FCS team.

There were bright spots and low spots, but I’d rather the light shine on them now so we can get it fixed before it’s too late.

TCU will show us where we really are.

Bend but don’t break…

Colorado Hog wrote:
Up front, Oline was just not SEC quality. Dline allowed to much positive runs, and a poor pass rush. Neither were up to SEC standards. A whole lot of work to do before next Sat. At least they have a little time, still I fear what they need cannot be fixed in 10 days. Hope I am wrong.