State of the Hogs: Decades of thank yous

I probably missed a lot who helped. But here goes:


Great article Clay…

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So proud for you Clay and I’m lucky to be your friend. The future is bright for HI because your team is top notch and your legacy of journalism has taught them to do it right. Hearing about your mentors makes me smile knowing that you passed it along to your team.

Hope you get that Elk this September. You’ll be missed in game day coverage but we’ll enjoy reading your stories on subjects near to your heart. Thanks again Clay. Grab Jean Anns hand and enjoy life. You have earned it.


How do you think you would’ve done as a clothes salesman?

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Wonderful summation, concise- you learned from masters of the craft.

Thank you for that. Will help many members on this board take a deep breath knowing you will still share insight via magazine.


Just beautiful, Clay. Like Clarence said in “It’s A Wonderful Life,” “no man is a failure who has friends,” and you have a ton of friends. Well done, friend. Enjoy your retirement.


We are the lucky ones Clay!!!

With that sort of support, there was never one time that there was a chance Hawgs Illustrated could fail. It’s going to be just like that going forward. I’m so proud and lucky.

Yes we were lucky to have Clay. I bet we are going to see Clay off and on once he’s retired.

This is a telling stat. Not once was I offered another job in 30 years. Maybe everyone knew I had the best media job in Arkansas?


Like Sam, they knew you weren’t going anywhere.

True dat.

I was where I belonged.

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