State of the Hogs: Davis compared to great

Agree. As you point out, it’s a team game. So, a lot of times, we may only notice an end result and not what led to it.

For example, there was one play where Davis got beaten baseline and Mizzou scored a layup. But what I didn’t know Is why was he having to rotate all the way from the left wing to the right baseline after trapping out top?

My guess is he realized someone else didn’t rotate and he went over to try to fix it and got beaten baseline. So, he broke a Cardinal Rule, (giving up baseline) but it looked to me like that came after someone else may have made a mistake in rotation (I’m no coach, but that’s how it looked to me).

And, although that play wasn’t Pinson, Arkansas isn’t the first team Pinson has given fits—he is a really good player and it seems like he has been there, forever. Slowing him down is not easy—particularly with Pinson coming off of a sub-par individual performance and looking to bounce back.

I’ve been skeptical on some parts of Davis’ game (and still am) but one thing that will always win me over is effort and he has played with it and has made a huge difference in the season when 2 of the guys who it looked like would get more minutes have gone down because of injuries/ineffectiveness or both.

This brings up a good point on how we defend the baseline. I have noticed, and I am quite certain this is one of those things that the coaches harp on but players just don’t quite get just yet, that our players defend the baseline more often than not “to the court side” rather than the “baseline side”. By doing this the offensive player is given the option to drive the baseline where there is no help side D. It is one of the “fundamental defensive” items that drives me crazy…like shooting a layup with the wrong hand…which we do as well very often.

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