State of the Hogs: concussion issues and safety discussed

I spent time with UA officials discussing hot topic of concussions:

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Great article, Clay.

An excellent article indeed - perhaps the best I’ve ever read from Clay.

Timely, important, poignant, thought provoking, etc.

Thanks Clay, good to hear better news about concussions.

In the mid 60’s I had a front row seat to a concussion. Dollarway Jr. High (my team) was playing Beebe Jr. High in Beebe. On a kickoff a teammate right next to me hit the ground and was out for a short period of time. When he woke up he began crawling backwards on his hands and knees. After being checked out he was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a concussion. He spent a couple of weeks on the bench and came back and is now a grandfather. That is still etched in my mind.

Thanks again Clay.

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