State of the Hogs: Code Red produced fun in 1998

Here’s front-page column from Saturday’s scrimmage: … -fun-1998/

Great column! Fun times.

To this day that Bama game is one of my favorite. It was clear at that point we were in for a big season. Bama wasn’t BAMA, but it was still Bama, if that makes sense.

After the game (just a few years after the Meadors TD) I wondered what excuse Bama fans would have this time.

Of course, they didn’t disappoint. Something about food poisoning.

I remember the Alexander deal–I thought well. But, in my mind’s eye he dove out of bounds on his own sideline, giving up an addititional 5-7 years and bypassing another hit. Maybe it was the same play. Maybe he did it more than once.

That team had some great guys on it who had been through a lot and deserved to win.

I had interviewed Kenoy and Painter the year before and had really liked and appreciated them.

Watching them have success after in preseason being described as a unit by Scott Cain of the ADG as one that could only be identified with dental records was sweet.

The Tennessee game is my Shootout. It was a sickening, unjust result that I’ll never get over. I wasn’t alive in 1969 but I can somewhat imagine the pain because of that game.

People forget about the ST snafus that led to some head-scratching play-calling. But with a smart QB like Stoerner, that freak play was about the only way we were going to lose and of course it happened.

He and most of the team had been pretty flawless to that point. I’m getting frustrated thinking about it.

But, yes, Code Red was a lot of fun. I’ve said for years that for us to be good on defense we have to take chances and create big plays.

We might as well. We have given up plenty, anyway. It’s time to create some.

I think you are right about Alexander running straight out of bounds. About the same as a QB taking a knee when a running back does that.

Exactly the same for me.