State of the Hogs: Coaches excited about facility

Here you go:

Can’t wait to see a tour of it and see it on the field, Baseball has become my favorite sport here.

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Well done Clay… we have the best facility in baseball and recruit more top talent… that go into the draft. Couldn’t resist, obviously it will make players develop faster and better… we will keep some of those Top 50 players. Grand slam on both fronts.

It is also going to be a great tool for hiring coaches. DVH is not going anywhere. He loves Yurachek. (I don’t think he was a fan of Jeff Long.)

Both Nate Thompson and Matt Hobbs will move on to be head coaches at some point. They both have all that’s required to be good ones. They are content to learn under DVH but will graduate to an SEC job in my opinion.

Vandy has a pretty nice facility too but I don’t think it compares to the Hunt Center. See video tour below. Of course Corbin is viewed as a pipeline to MLB probably even more than DVH.

Aloha Jeff,

Great find. Mahalo for sharing with us. Hard to imagine a superior facility greater than Vandy’s.


It is not just the Hunt Center that will give Hogs “the best in the world,” but the Fowler Center, too. Nothing really comes close to match what Arkansas will have to go with Baum-Walker. Not Vandy. They don’t have the total package like this.

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