State of the Hogs: Closer "just showed up"

Here’s a commentary about UA closer Matt Cronin: … st-showed/

Thanks, Clay. I love articles like this, where I get to know more about the players and their backgrounds.

What a wonderful story. Love the Florida coach asking DVH how he found him.

This story made me go back and look at some of our recruiting stories on him. When Cronin was in high school he threw a perfect game in 78 pitches: … fect-game/

he is a beast and when he can throw that sharp breaking hook he’s basically unhittable,still trusts his FB a little too much and has been burned a few times but i love his tenacity! he brings it every time he pitches!

Pitchers must have confidence and no fear! Both traits Cronin has and displays. His stuff is nasty!

especially closers.

And no memory