State of the Hogs: Catching up with First Lady of UA football

Here you go: … tate-hogs/

How is she the First Lady?

Because she wife of head coach. It is typically said of the head coaches wife. Oh well, if you don’t get it, sorry.

So every lady is the First Lady, like being married to the president?? Don’t have to be rude.

Great story, Clay! She and the family sound terrific, and I think we are very fortunate to have them here. She gets it. WPS…

Great article, Clay. I love how you always find another angle. How you humanize those you cover.

I didn’t know I wanted to know about Miss Paula till I got to reading.

I’ve often heard “first lady” used as a reference to a head coach’s wife. A quick Google search revealed a number of others who have used the same term.

Alabama: … first-lady

Oklahoma: … =211675267

Clemson: … 991216001/

My bad. Should have explained it. If there is a question, it’s my fault for not doing better.

NO Clay!! You done good. Your first reply was a perfect answer…some one else needs to repost…I might should also…

Thank you Matt, I’ve never really understood the First Lady thing and never did research on it as well.

Clay, I’m not up on the First Lady thing, guess I should have done my research, just thought it would have been a easy and quick question for you to answer. No worries, Matt explained down below.

I thought it was a excellent story and well done Clay, down to earth Lady is what I came away with after reading. Caring people are hard to come by these days when all you hear is me me me, it was a breath of fresh air to say the least. I welcome Miss Paula as the First Lady of Arkansas football and have a whole new appreciation for the Morris family. Thanks Clay good job! WPS