State of the Hogs: Campbell's football life charmed

I get to do some things that are just plain fun. Interviewing my best friend qualifies. Here’s a column that I wrote as my vacation came to a close this week. It’s a commentary on Louis Campbell, soon to be inducted into the UA sports Hall of Honor: … s-charmed/

Good stuff! From my limited exposure, Campbell is one of the highest character coaches we’ve had. Great coach, too.

I’d love to see comments from him on his bosses at UA. He’d keep it classy and it would be interesting.

Yeah, Louis would keep it classy. He’s always been that way. It’s one of the reasons I love him as a fishing partner. We fished two days last week. We both had leg cramps that night from being on the water too much without drinking enough water. We had plenty in the truck about 75 yards away, but we didn’t want to walk up the hill to get it. I’ve told myself one hundred times to carry a small cooler to river’s edge. But each time I forget until it’s too late. Oh, well, maybe next time.

As far as conversations about football and his bosses, I supposed I’ve heard more than a few, but they were off-the-record. I guess they were. He and I know what’s OK to repeat and not without having to ask about it. I guess that’s why we are so close. We know the questions the other is going to ask before they ask them.

We’ve got another close friend who sometimes tells a fishing secret of two. He once told me, “Don’t tell another person. Well, I know you are going to tell your twin. That’s a given if I tell you something, you are going to share it with Louis.”