State of the Hogs: ‘Boothead’ knows Sutton brought Arkansas together with winning basketball

Here is a column after visiting with Ron Brewer:

What wonderful memories of Coach Sutton and the Triplets. Thank you Clay. These journeys down memory lane brighten my day. The Sports Illustrated cover of “Super Sid” dunking is an iconic picture for old Hog fans like me. When that came out their was a run on those magazines like crazy. I was the Assistant Manager of Weingarten’s in Pine Bluff at the time. Our magazine distributor didn’t know if they could save me a copy or not. Thankfully they came up with one which I still have around here today.

Special times with Coach Sutton and the Triplets. Love the details from their relationships that we did not know. Thanks again Clay.

Ron Brewer was such a talented player. He made the game look so easy. He had that great looking jump shot, but could play great defense. Ron Brewer, Marvin Delph and Sidney Moncrief…what a group of great players.

Marvin may have been the most famous of the group if we had a 3 point line back then. He had some crazy range on that jumper. I didn’t know he used to give Eddie the business. Good for Marvin. Don’t dunk it, Marvin…please…dunk.

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