State of the Hogs: Book just in time for Christmas

My column after seeing the newest book on the Hogs: … tate-hogs/

I ordered the book a couple of months ago when Matt told us about it. I received it as promised and didn’t even open it. Just gave it to my wife and said she could wrap it and put it under the tree for me. I’m mad at myself now for not looking through it first. Oh well, even though I know what it is, I have something to look forward to!

You see things in he book that you knew, but had forgotten. And, it makes you smile. Of course, Matt included a couple of pages on my dad, and a few on Paul Eells. The story on my dad quoted me. It brought back lots of memories when I looked through the book, many personal.

When mine arrived I opened it immediately and thumbed through it quickly. And I never saw a mention of Matt Jones who put this treasure together. The next thing I know the book is missing and my wife informed me it’s been wrapped for a Christmas present. So it will be read in my RV on our annual January Florida trip. My quick look through it was wonderful. I can’t wait to read the entire book.

Excellent job Matt Jones!

The book is excellent and the pictures are better than expected. I just hate that it had to come out in such a lousy football year. The great cover picture of Barnhill and Sutton made me chuckle a little because it kind of looks like things aren’t going to well for the team at that moment. I thought it would be funny if the title was: “125 Seasons Of Arkansas Football:We Thought We Would Be Better By Now.”