State of the Hogs: Bell, lettermen deliver message that resonates with Morris

This is another area where Chad Morris has gone about fixing relationships in a very structured way in another important area. Here is a column after spending some time with former players Saturday and Sunday: … ge-resona/

What I saw Saturday at the scrimmage was telling. Yes, there are good signs on the field with more speed. And, yes, there are good signs with a vast array of talent visiting the campus every weekend – and I mean every weekend – and I also see key lettermen back on campus in a consistent way. All of this is important.

I enjoyed that , thanks Clay.

that was great to ready, could really feel how happy Bell was to be involved with his alma mater.

really makes you wonder why any HC would not welcome our former players. Football and basketball, I’d love to see more ex-Hogs around current teams

So happy with how CCM runs our program, I REALLY hope he has the W’s soon, would love him to be our coach for the next decade or longer.


It takes time to do it all right. The little things add up. And, you don’t get there without the little things. I do believe Chad Morris does it right. He does know that recruiting is important and everything effects recruiting. Having former players around gives a sense of family and it also shows that you can make it in the business world with a UA degree. Everything matters. And, anything that matters to recruiting is extremely important.

TYSM for this article Clay

Maybe just maybe the Old Arkansas can be reborn with Coach Morris

Really enjoyed the article

Go Hogs Go

Since this column touches on the state of the Arkansas program under the Harley-riding maniac, thought I’d link this Andy Staples story on what BP left behind in Louisville:

Among other details:

Not only were players not welcome in Petrino’s office, they didn’t even know where that office was. (Time for the blonde bimbo jokes)

His staff didn’t have regular recruiting meetings.

Only the director of football operations had BP’s cell number. (More blonde bimbo jokes)

High school coaches weren’t allowed to watch practice. Former players either, I’d guess.

He left behind 8 scholarship offensive linemen, one tight end, and 15 scholarship receivers. As we recall, BP used his tight ends. A lot.

Basically, Staples thinks BP was tanking it just waiting to get fired and collect his buyout. Which he did.

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Yep pretty much a low life

What I know of his time in Louisville the second time - is that he simply felt others where stupid and he was smarter

He looked down on people and CBP destroyed relationships

Sadly at one time his mystic was as a brilliant offensive mind in football

But in the end he was simply offensive as a person