State of the Hogs: Bawiec asked for permission to wave shirt

I caught up with old friend Rick B. He’s become a TV star at Baum-Walker Stadium and got plenty of air time on the SEC Network last weekend:

And BTW, that was not Dee giving Rick B the stink eye in the infamous shirt waving video. She was to the right as you view the video and just made a brief appearance.

Dee knew it was coming and slid out of the way.


I had missed Rick B’s shirtless appearance but was alerted to it by my son after he watched the YouTube highlights. Then during the Saturday game they showed Rick B again and Kyle Peterson said something about “he’s got his shirt on this time.”

Thanks for the story Clay. Good times. And Hi Baumbastic Hawg and Swine Fusion! :smiley:

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Whassup jackmonkey!

Oh, you know. Same ole same ole, old friend. My life now consists of HOGS, HOGS, HOGS, working in Rogers now, HOGS, HOGS, and hanging out with Garrett who, by the way, is a freakin freshman in college if you can believe that! Hope you’re doing well.

Love your passion for the Razorbacks rickb. It’s so much fun to watch!

Thanks LDhog. It’s certainly a passion. I worked on the road in Texas from 2008 until 2020 and really missed out on a lot of Razorback events. Especially during the week. Now that I’m working in Rogers (I live in Barling outside of Fort Smith), I’m home every night and during the week, I can attend basketball, baseball, softball…etc. It’s awesome. When I retire in 2030, my wife and I plan on moving to Fayetteville and simply living at Razorback sporting events in EVERY FREAKIN SPORT. We would attend the U of A Tiddlywinks competition if there was one. :smiley:


Hey, Rick. Good to see you.

BTW @RickB…one thing that stood out in Clay’s article was the respect you show towards fans around you and opposing players. Baseball (and all sports) should be fun. Respect and sportsmanship shows class. Well done Rick. Well done.


Is was good running in to you at the Graduate before the Sat game last weekend. Glad you’re doing well.

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Jan and I say Hi! to Rick! Hug Dee for us!

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My only issue with Clay’s article is the reference to activities from a quarter-century ago … those folks must be really “experienced” fans by now :wink:


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A lot of those folks later liked to refer to themselves as “Darksiders.” It was harmful for the program, and I certainly didn’t appreciate it.

Uh, you don’t know what you’re talking about. The Webhogs were most decidedly not darksiders. I was a Webhog. So were Marty and neastarkie and tuschawg and a few other regulars on here.

You are correct, SwineFusion. I was painting with too broad of a brush.

I will completely agree with you that the Darksiders were bad for the program. They basically wanted HDN and Nolan (No-win was a popular name for him) to fail and be fired. I don’t think they stopped to consider that the alternatives might be worse (like, say, Stan Heath). Not sure they stopped to think at all, honestly. And any of us who actually wanted to support the head coach until he was no longer the head coach were derided as “sunshine pumpers”.


I made so many friends through the Webhogs. Tuschawg and Jan were the first two that Daddy and I met at a tailgate up on the lawn North of the Pit. A year or two later, the tailgate moved to the North side of BWA, before eventually moving to the South side. So many people were so welcoming to us. ComiskeyPork, MalvernHog, AzHawg and the USC fan, RickB and Dee, Fuzzy, SwineFlew, Gage, ColoradoHog, and many, many more.

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Dang. Darksiders. I don’t believe you knew the folks I knew. The folks I was around just wanted to meet and hang out and have good food.

I went by the tailgates before many games.

They also held a golf tournament in my dad’s name. Nothing dark I saw or heard.

Swine Flew could flat out cook.