State of the Hogs: Backs Need to be Tackled

This is my column from yesterday. I assume everyone can find our stuff now, but I try to remember to link things as I write them for those that just hit the forums. … e-tackled/

Two comments:

A couple of Tennessee Titans players were talking about hitting in preseason practices. They said veterans know how to hit without “finishing.” They practice hitting without doing anything that could result in someone falling on another player, or creating a pileup. According to these two, you can get ready by hitting without finishing off the hit. Sounds like you’re talking about full-on tackling, and these Titans said tackling to the ground in practice is the way to get injured. For what that’s worth.

Also - Didn’t Beanum miss spring? And was he gone all summer? Hard to believe he will be ready to play when he returns. If he has issues to deal with, he has less time to prepare. Has not been with the team in a long time. I do not understand their communication around this at all, but it’s odd to suggest he would not be affected by the time away from football. We would not believe any other player would be unaffected by a complete absence of practice and work with teammates.

Beanum was on the field early in spring. I believe he was around for part of summer. Bielema said he had a setback two weeks ago. Don’t know situation. But I can’t tell you if he is ready to play. Sounds iffy.

Here is the deal in the NFL, they play games in preseason and tackle backs to the ground. So I don’t think there is any comparison to their camp and college camp. There are no practice games in college. They need scrimmages to get backs ready.

Not tackling almost always shows up in a negative way in the first two games IMHO. TCU is the best single reason I can think of to do some hitting in August.

I agree with you Finetime.

You play like you practice…