State of the Hogs: Assessing strengths and weaknesses

Here’s a look at where the Diamond Hogs are at after splitting with a good Louisiana Tech team: … ogs-big-c/

Some of the Hogs strengths and weaknesses were on display last night in Frisco. I have to give it to Arizona they have great pitching and good hitters. I wish we could have given Knight more support. He was spectacular fog four innings. What really got my goat was how Arizona scored the third run, embarrassing for the Hogs, oldest trick in the books.

[size=100]Yes . . . Koch got schooled on that one.

Good news . . . I’ll bet he doesn’t do that again in his time at Fayetteville. I sensed his embarrassment the second the ball left his hand.

Fortunately, it ended up not mattering. If we had lost 3 to 2 . . . :roll:

Actually, turns out that Koch did exactly what was called on the play, Dave Van Horn said Monday. It was the snap throw back to the mound, to Kevin Kopps. The play had been called before that pitch. Kopps ducked and turned his head. Blew the play. Koch did exactly what he was supposed to do, but you wouldn’t know because Kopps missed the call. Made Koch look bad. Young pitcher just blew it.