State of the Hogs: Arkansas football team will speak with pads

Here you go:

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Fine read, Clay. Thank you. Ricky is a just a great player. Not necessarily surprising, but this warmed my heart and, at the same time, made me shake my head yet again over the Morris era:

“My first year was kind of crazy. Players talked back to the coaches. Coach Pittman got here and it took about two weeks for those guys to be gone. The talking was over. We got to work.”

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Very nice Clay, great stuff! Excited for practice to get started

Stromberg has been a stud since he arrived here. undersized, over-heart. with a great first punch. should be fun to have several good competitions for starting time in the OL, how many seasons have we not even had 5 SEC OL at all, much less 8 or 10 of them fighting for 5 spots?!


Just more revealing things coming out from the Morris era. Talking back to coaches! But best part, those guys were gone in about 2 weeks.
Talkers gone workers stayed.

Ricky is a worker.

Great Stuff Clay. The experience this group has will pay huge dividends. Finding a LT will be extremely important. I have not been a big Luke Jones fan to be totally honest. I think he has Good feet but I don’t know how strong he is in the Run game. Stromberg seems to think he is doing well there so I guess time will tell.

I really wish we went up tempo a whole lot more than we do because it seems like every time we do we end up getting a big play… I could be wrong on that but it seems like it catches a defense off guard and allows us to make things happen. I would really hope St John and Crawford could help us but I guess that’s up to them to get the work done and improve enough to earn their way on the field. Spring training will be interesting for sure especially on defense.

Great insights as always Clay. Sam is building something we’ve not seen in a while. Yesterday we were shopping at Costco in North Georgia. A guy came up and said he noticed my Razorback shirt. He said “I bet you love Sam”. It started a long conversation about Sam Pittman. Georgia fans love that guy and are proud to see him succeed.

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Morris and crew should have been listening to them…

Clay , from what I’ve read on Ricky and from watching him, man I just get a strong Burlsworth comparison in regards to that work ethic…

They are both hard workers. I do not think Ricky quite has Brandon’s speed. Burlsworth had incredible speed in the open field that was remarkable for a big man. Work ethic is similar. They are different type individuals. Brandon was introverted and not real social. His focus was his academics, church and staying in a routine (for all of those things). I don’t think Ricky is like that.

I have never seen one other player that I really thought was like Brandon. He was unique in most ways.

Brandon did not lead with his words. He listened. Ricky is more the vocal leader.

Brandon was an All-American in ability and a third round draft pick. Ricky is not there yet but maybe he will get there this year.

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