State of the Hogs: 2017 Class Sexy Enough

Here’s a front-page column that I wrote after the dust settled on signing day: … xy-enough/

Great post Clay. I really really like this class. May come to love it. I don’t care where its ranked.

As you point out, stars for o-lineman aren’t always accurate or what solves things there. We got big beasts that CBB and Anderson like. And we have some that redshirted last year. I think we are on our way there. And that is THE most important thing on a Bielema team.

I said all season our secondary was the biggest defensive problem. I love the d-back class. Its the best I’ve ever seen at UA…on paper. We shall see how they pan out. But I LOVE Brown and Chevin’s film. And some others. Those first two could start.

Hard to say the WR class doesn’t fill needs too.

Filling needs. That’s what recruiting is all about until you have so many great seasons you then just start taking best available players. We aren’t there. So what we needed was a class that made sure we had some very highly touted players at every position on the field. And that ensured we have at least adequate depth. I think this class fulfilled that.

You can’t be void in any area, but with Bielema teams the O-line has so important. If you want to run in the A gap, you better be good in the O-line and that’s all five spots. It’s important to get the numbers right in the O-line. Bringing in four and losing only one really helps things.

Filling needs and building backups in those areas are vital. One of my complaints about HDN was his recruiting. He could get some really good players, but not always for positions that were in need.

I do think that Coach B strives to balance his recruiting. What is important is to fill those slots which need to be filled and gradually build up depth.