We’re at 20 commits… … erence=SEC


my bad, NINETEEN (19)

No problem. They’ve been at 19 since late July.

very depressing. :cry:

\t\t\t5 Star\t4 Star\t3 Star





And you wonder why we don’t compete for an SEC championship?

Of course stars don’t tell the whole story. Of course we all know of 4 and 5 star players who bust and 3 stars or walk-ons who become All-Americans, but if you recruit as listed above, year in, year out, we are going to lose the games on the field usually. It is just that simple.

We have almost as many 3 stars committed as the top 3 teams in the SEC have 3 stars committed TOGETHER. Bama has more 5 stars than we have 4 stars.

I don’t honestly see how we are ever ever ever going to “catch up.” Does that mean give up? I don’t know.

Very depressing.

We’re going for UNCOMMON…
The STARS mean EVERYTHING!.. Which team has led the nation in recruiting the last 4 or 5 years? It is the same team that has won 3 or 4 NC’s of the last 4 or 5 years.

Do you honestly think it matters who our coach is? If we had Saban and Bama had Nutt, I think we still get killed in recruiting.

Now, if I am wrong on that and the right coaching staff can make us competitive talent wise, great. Hope I am wrong.

But IF I am right, if we will never ever be able to come even within shouting distance talent wise, what is the answer?

Give up?

Try to become a power in woman’s soccer and baseball? Etc. Etc. (that isn’t a slam, some will take it that way, but what I am saying is if we can’t compete in football, is the answer to spend our resources on something we can compete in?)

Leave the SEC?

Just keep on “giving it the old college try” anyway?

I don’t know the answer.

I was hoping “uncommon” was like Nolan’s Burger King All-Americans,

THIS is the problem. These type attitudes!
Personally, I believe we CAN recruit with any team!!! Why can’t we? Have you ever been to Norman, OK? Stinking Lincoln, NE? Who wants to live in Ann Arbor, MI within the shadows of Detroit? We have as much to offer as ANY team, we just have to believe it and promote it!!! What makes Athens, GA any better than Fayetteville? When Jimmy Johnson was at Miami, HE RECRUITED TO MIAMI when it had never been done before!.. YES, if Saban was at AR, he would recruit well. When Nick Saban was hired at Bama, he asked the AD, “Did you hire me because you believe I am the best coach in the nation?”…AD, “YES”…
Saban, “Well I’m NOT, but I AM the best recruiter”…when Saban was hired, Bama was not a perennial leader in recruiting and winning NC’s…hadn’t been since Stallings… I firmly believe, “If you think you can or can’t, you are probably right!!!”…

First, from your mouth to God’s ears!

Second, if you are correct, what do we do? Different head coach? Different assistants? More money on recruiting budget? Do more “bending” of the rules? Something else?

I am just looking for hope. Right now, don’t have much.

I disagree Greg. The right staff is the key phrase.

I know people bring up Petrino, like him or not, back to back 10 win seasons. Now, I know someone is gonna say, but we still had issues with Bama. Go back and look at the 2010 game in Fayetteville. We had our chance. Same with CBB in 2014. We had our chance.

I believe we need better players. I also think CBB needs to adjust or leave. In my opinion he is recruiting to win the B1G. He ain’t there anymore.

Petrino lost to Bama 49-7 in 2008, 35-7 in 2009, 24-20 in 2010 and 38-14 in 2011. Bielema, 52-0 in 2013, 14-13 in 2014, 27-14 in 2015 and 49-30 on 2016.

Petrino lost by an average or 36.5 to 12. Bielema has lost by an average of 35.5 to 14.25. Not much difference there guys.

You can say Bielema could’ve won in 2014 and had an outside chance in 2015.

That was my point RD, there isn’t that much difference against Bama. They (both) had their chances. The difference is against the rest of the league.

2008 - 5-7
2009 - 8-5
2010 - 10-3
2011 - 11-2

2013 - 3-9
2014 - 7-6
2015 - 8-5
2016 - 5-3 (best we could do is tie 2010, most expect at least 1 more loss 9-4)

So, Petrino was 34-17, Bret is 23-23 (best possible is 28-23).

These are merely suggestions, so don’t beat me up over them

  1. Get on them EARLIER… I’m not necessarily saying “offer” them in the 10th grade, but establish relationships EARLY.
  2. Offer earlier…Why would we wait till every other SEC W team has offered a 4 or 5 star recruit before we offer? The kids LOVE flaunting all their offers
  3. Make more offers…let them know, when the bus fills, that’s it! That CAN result in earlier commitments.
  4. Don’t be intimidated. I think Bama has 19 or 20 commits right now. If there is one we want, GO AFTER HIM!..Commitments are NOT binding. We have until the FIRST WED. in FEB. to sway them.
  5. This is the one that will get me in trouble, WORK HARDER. Personally, I think CBB is adequate when it comes to recruiting, but nothing more… YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD and instill that into the ENTIRE STAFF!!!
  6. Promote the educational aspect of the UofA… We have to be the leader in something (I would assume the Walton School of Business is highly rated). Most kids understand that they will NOT play at the next level and HAVE to lean on that education to have a nice standard of living
  7. THink outside the box. Do something no one else is doing recruiting…
  1. I started to agree, but
  2. you just said that’s not what you were saying
  3. Not a bad idea, seems to work for others
  4. Absolutely, may not win, but I’d love to see it.
  5. I have made that complaint with both recruiting and coaching (sure it’ll get me in trouble too)
  6. See, this is where we differ, win at football or win at education (not saying forget the education, but seems a lot of the really good players leave early)
  7. Great idea…but what exactly?

I don’t disagree with any of those 7 points. But I was thinking more of “what do we do” from a 20,000 foot level. Are we spending enough money on recruiting? Can this head coach pull it off? With this staff? I have my doubts. I am NOT calling for the coach to be fired. I am just saying I have my doubts. (There is a difference folks!).


  1. I started to agree, but
  2. you just said that’s not what you were saying [color=#FF0000]THAT WAS CONFUSING… here is what I meant: RELATIONSHIPS EARLIER AND OFFERS EARLIER…If you have a relationship with a kid, WHEN YOU DO MAKE the early offer, IT HELPS. If you try to establish a relationship after everyone else has already done so, it is worthless…
    3) Not a bad idea, seems to work for others
  3. Absolutely, may not win, but I’d love to see it.
  4. I have made that complaint with both recruiting and coaching (sure it’ll get me in trouble too)
  5. See, this is where we differ, win at football or win at education (not saying forget the education, but seems a lot of the really good players leave early)
  6. Great idea…but what exactly?
    [/quote] [color=#FF0000]

Great idea…but what exactly? Not sure…
HYPE VIDEOS? If I come up with something, I’ll let you know![/color]

Seems I’ve seen all this tripe before, we just have to WANT IT! Lol.

  1. For the 16 class, Arkansas was on Whaley, Agim, Guidry, Capps, Hammonds and Jones early. Those are just a few guys that come to mind.

  2. Arkansas will never throw out offers. Sometimes that might work against them but other times kids understands the Hogs are very thorough. I would say Arkansas is pretty good about offering the top tier guys early. The guys that are pretty much no brainers.

  3. Arkansas isn’t in the position to push as hard as the elite schools. They will push for a commitment, but they don’t have the same clout as Alabama, Ohio State, USC, Florida, LSU and so forth.

  4. Bielema isn’t afraid of Bama or anyone else. I reach out to kids in Feb, March and April that Arkansas has extended offers to and they say they want to visit and then Bama or someone else will offer and quite often that ends the discussion. You can look at the Bama roster and see kids Arkansas tried to recruit.

Bielema has beaten Bama for Froholdt, Wallace, Scoota, Jeremy Patton, Montaric Brown, Hunter Henry, Bijhon Harris, Jalen Marrick, Will Gragg, La’Michael Pettway, Devwah Whaley and McTelvin Agim, Jordan Jones, T.J. Hammonds, Briston Guidry. Again, name another coach that has beaten Bama for kids as many times as Bielema.

  1. As I mentioned earlier, Sam Pittman told me early on Bielema work harder at recruiting than Butch Davis. I know he works harder than Petrino and Nutt. Not even close. If he’s doing it, I doubt he’s letting his assistants slack off.

  2. They promote the heck out of the business school and other strong academic programs at Arkansas. Ask Chase Hayden’s dad about Arkansas’ academic structure. They visited numerous schools across the country and said only Notre Dame can compare to the tools Arkansas supplies their student-athletes. They promote the heck out of NWA too.

  3. Each school thinks outside the box. They see what other schools are doing. They also hear from guys they’re recruiting or have committed about what other schools do to promote their schools. There’s very few secrets in recruiting.

RD, what’s the answer then?
based on your analysis, we’re stuck being in the 10-12 range on recruiting… I just refuse to believe we can’t compete with anybody on recruiting… sad, sad, our attitude that we can not elevate our recruiting…