State of Hogs: Top 10 keys (Alabama)

This is a little different, with some Saban-Bear comparisons from Kirk McNair:

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Great Article Clay,really enjoyed hearing about Saban-Bear.He’s right bear didn’t coach players.I had a friend walk on at Bama and said the only time he saw Bear one spring was when the offense was having a bad day and he came storming down from that tower and lit into the OL and proceeded to show them how to block and then went right on back to the tower LOL…oh by the way what in the world is Kowtowed?? never heard that one.

Kowtowing is kneeling to put your forehead on the floor in submission. Like this:


In this context, Kirk was saying Bear gave the newspaper guys all they wanted.

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He treated the newspaper guys like they were most important. It is an interesting word. Used little these days.

There is the Chinese definition of bowing. Also Webster says: act in an excessively subservient manner.

None of us “kowtow” much these days.


Oh ok. Well I definitely learned something today… thanks guys.


More evidence. You never cease to amaze with esoteric facts or words or links.

What I am looking for in today’s game. Will Arkansas be a more physical team like TAM and LSU were when they played the Tide? They were prepping to be so against Ga and due to the crowd , early first road game (not neutral site), too much reading of press clippings or whatever , they laid an egg and never recovered. Bryant Denny will be loud and proud today, better bring the big boy pants if you do not want your pride hurt. Like Ga this is another great opportunity, hope they grab it this time and if they do , score won’t matter at end , either way, if we are in it to the end, Never were at Ga. Like to see Sam’s team take a big step before Mizzou.

The idea is to win. I get that. But being competitive and staying in the fight for four quarters is an improvement against teams like Georgia and Alabama.

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Need some good news with no lost players to play Mizzou on Friday. Hopefully play a competitive game and beat the line. It would be awesome to be in the fourth quarter down by under 13 with a chance for an upset win. We’ve shown we can go down the field in under three minutes.

Hawgs looked like they have their game faces on today as they departed the buses at stadium.

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