State of Hogs: SEC West gets cloudy

Here is a front page commentary:

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Really good article.

Thanks for the insights on CBB and his faith. Good stuff. A person of peace. We should all be people of peace. I’ve also been a fan of Tim Horton for years. It would be great to have him back in the fold.

The next couple of weeks will be interesting. The last two days here in TN have been more than interesting. But I’m confident that our hires for AD and HC will be great. As a 66 year old dude I surely hope they are outstanding. Not that many years left to see another NC or at least a trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game (which I’ve always attended when the Hogs make it).

Thanks Clay. Great insites.

One of your best, Clay. Interesting you mentioned Lane Kiffin. Norvell or Kiffin would be great with me. I personally think Kiffin could finally make his mark in coaching here. He has the charisma to recruit and bring attention to the program. I think he could get it done. It might be something of a gamble, but he knows this would probably be his last shot…we’ll see.

Makes me feel even better about Brett Bielema the man. Maybe more than any other previous coach we’ve had in my lifetime, at least right up there with Hatfield…I really wish CBB could have have had the success to exit at his leisure - on his own terms.

No doubt BB grew spiritually while he was here.

If we get a guy like Norville let’s hope he realizes quickly

You need Lunney smith and Horton

You need an sec staff

You need to recruit Texas hard

No dilly dallying around with out west and too much time in fla

Dang it Gus makes too much sense !!!

Good article. Its a shame that CBB could make it here. He should have sucess in the future. It seems to me that having the baby girl may have soften him up! It’s great to see coaxhes with faith around young men and leading them the right way.

All sound good to me, agree the only way Malzahn comes is if Aubie loses to Georgia and I never understood why Bielema didn’t keep Tim Horton, big mistake.

I just think that Coaches have a problem understanding the kind of athletes that it takes to be competitive in SEC West. By CBB’s own admission he failed to recruit the kind of bigs on both side of the ball, probably basing his evalus on his experience. Reports say TN is offering Gundy $8.4M to come to the Vol Nation. If so, will be interesting to see what kind of recruiting success he has to compete in SEC.

No doubt. A few years ago, Bret invited a local pastor to a team dinner the night before practice began. Bret invited him to his office and when they sat down and Bret told him, “I’d like to have you lead a Bible study for me and my staff, if you are willing.”

As far as I know, that continued through this year.

It did continue through this year. Tyler told me about it.

One other thing that Tyler told me, Bret had a similar arrangement with AIA to send his players to UTC summer camp/work shop during his time at Wisconsin and thought it was important. Bret was glad to see Tyler was taking players there when Bret got to Arkansas. So his commitment to AIA and it’s ministry to football pre-dated his time at Arkansas. He was locked in with AIA at Wisconsin, too.