State of Hogs: Pool takes lead in front seven

Here you go:

Great Article…wonder what the reason for no Red-White game?? maybe not wanting anyone to scout them? don’t believe I have seen us not have a televised spring game. I think Pool and Catalon will be highly motivated to have great seasons,just hope they can stay healthy. I would like to see us get a 2-3 more DL from the portal if we can.

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Spring games a waste of time. Coaches don’t want them. This has been trending for awhile. They prefer to have a practice. Anyone can watch the practice so none of that will be a surprise.


I have always said that I would rather watch a practice instead of a scrimmage, in football anyway.

OK. Well then why not a organized chaos? LOL Meaning a practice in full Pads, game effects and scripted practice. Punts and the hole enchilada? Including advertising and promotions.

Hog Day 2020

will the practice be Televised ??

I was at the Spring game last year and before that the snow (spring) game in LR. Besides seeing the guys up close and personal it was not entertaining at all.

Very good article Clay!

It will be on SEC plus.

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Clay, good article….

I’m curious on Jackson, can he lock down one of the two DEs?

Also if you were to guess? Would you see Pool replacing Grant ? And Sanders replacing Hayden?


Pool can play either side. Do not know on Jackson. Have never seen him play.

I should have said Pool HAS played both sides. All three of those played both sides last year. Typically you don’t have two true backups. You have a third who can play both sides or two starters who are interchangeable. Last year was unusual in that all three were interchangeable.

Clay, great article……I’m glad our two defensive mainstays came back.

Those are two studs.

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