State of Hogs: Keys to victory (Texas A&M edition)

Here you go:

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Good points Clay! I think we will need to start of throwing the ball and keep throwing it. Our oline can block for the pass against that front. Soften them up then maybe hit some runs. Our advantage is in our WR and TE’s catching the ball. If Franks has a good day we will win today. I have trust in Odom keeping the Ags out of the Endzone for the most part.

I’d say the lack of sections about Arkansas’ QB, WRs, or TEs says it all.

I guess I could make it 30 segments long and I’d still leave something out.

Notably, I have not written about effort in the last two weeks. I was interested to see if they would continue to play like Fighting Razorbacks in week 2 and week 3. I did not write about it before the Ole Miss game. I think it’s a given that Sam’s teams will play hard.


Hopefully we can contain KM on big plays with his legs specially on third downs.

I was wrong about being able to run on that front. Offense showed what they are capable of.

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