State of Hogs: Hayden Johnson will play

Here is a front page story: … hmen-who-/

Lots of glowing praise so early for a true frosh. That’s exciting, but makes me want to cross my fingers.

To be honest, I expected Hayden Johnson to play. He is exactly what they thought he was, extremely smart, really physical and talented. I will say he’s a perfect example of Bielema finding a player and putting him in the spot that fits in their system. Other teams finally went after him as a pass rusher, but Bielema coveted him as a fullback from the start. No one else really plays a fullback, so they didn’t project him the same way. I give Bielema lot of credit for finding him and projecting him perfectly in his system. His IQ is off the charts. He’s going to be successful after football, too.