State of Hogs: George Wilson deserving of Kentucky honor

Here is a (long) column after interviews with George Wilson and Reggie Swinton:


Another great read from you Clay! So proud of both of these men and what they’ve accomplished.

Wow, tremendous column Clay. Really enjoyed it.

I can still see George’s mom in the stands on TV waving a “#88 Paducah, KY!!” sign or something like that in the 03 KY game. I was so proud we had him and they didn’t. I was supposed to be at that game but my buds and I had to cancel for some reason. If I’d made it I would have completed the trifecta of attending all three of the longest games in history.

It was an incredible game with so many story lines, including from the Kentucky side, too.

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Clay, you did it again. You wrote another masterful article on what really matters in life and how to earn success. Thank you. GHG!

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Thank you. It’s not me, it’s the stories about these men that you love so much.

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The men are wonderful, but you capture them. Yes, it IS you.

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Clay, what an awesome article! I had classes with many Hog athletes from the late 1990’s through the 2000’s, and George Wilson was my all time favorite Hog to share a classroom with. Sascha Lancaster was another fun one to have classes with. Even when I would run into George on Dickson Street, he always came up to shoot the shit on the latest and greatest with the Hogs football team. Such a great guy, and great article.

On a another note, that Kentucky 7OT game in 2003…I was a bartender/manager on Dickson back then, and I decided that night that I was going to bring in 3 bottles of Jaegermeister. That night I handed out free shots every time the Hogs scored a TD in that game, and occasionally took one myself. By the beginning of the 4th overtime, I had to cut my shift short, and had my bar-backs close out the night. Needless to say, that was one heck of a fun game to watch, and definitely was a blur to a lot of my closest friends and customers.

Wooo Pig!!!


That was in days of using Stephen’s jet to and from games. I got to locker room added quotes and made it to plane. Then we were told fog was rolling in. We were about to lose our 13 hour window that pilots could work. We got out. It was a fun trip home.

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