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talent. It sure seems there has been/is an enormous amount of basketball talent in Arkansas over the past few years. It seems as if we could field a very good team with mainly instate players. When Heath and Pelphrey were here there were hardly any D1 players in the state. I keep seeing these names of players that sound as if they are really good players. Is this true, and if so, is there a reason?

It sure seems like the DI talent in Arkansas has improved of late. I’ve wondered to myself (and now here) if the numbers of DI football players has decreased because more or playing basketball and baseball. I do see that many of the good baseball players also play football, but not all do. I doubt there are very many good basketball players who double at football, although there is one in Cabot doing both at a high level.

The 2018 and 2019 classes are some of the best in years.

I’ve shared my perspective previous to friends. I attribute the high skill level in Arh kids to AAU summer ball, where these young men have a chance to hone their skills by going against outstanding talent across the country during the summer, building self-confidence as well as exposure.

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Haven’t seen them yet

Haven’t heard that. This should all bode well for Mike Anderson. There was hardly any talent here when Heath and Pelphrey were here, which really hurt them both.

What are some of the names you are hearing for the 2020 class Dudley?

During the Heath era, we had Jonathan Modica, Ronnie Brewer and a McDonalds AA James Anderson. So, I am not sure that is true of Heath era. However, I think you are right about the Pelphrey era. There was quite a bit of talent (Mickleson, Madden, Ross, Goodwin) during the Pelphrey era, but it came around at the end of his era and he was not around to take advantage of that.

I hate, hate, hate talking about kids this young, but…

Going into the ninth grade:

Charles Moore - 6-5 West Memphis (he is all about North Carolina right now, his cousin apparently played there)

Davonte Davis - 5-6 PG from Jacksonville

Joshua Watson - 5-7 G - Pulaski Heights

Are three of them that people who do watch them that young are wigging out over

I have heard Basketball is making a comeback in LR/Central Ark. I am also hearing that the Memphis area BB is suffering from typical apathy from drugs and gangs again. LR was having trouble with that too, but has that subsided some?

For whatever reason, basketball seem to come through that era okay compared to football