State of Arkansas High School Players

I’m a native of Arkansas but since moving away to Texas I coached AAU basketball in the DFW area. And my teams have ran across a few teams from Arkansas. The quality of play and players from the state of Arkansas has been outstanding over the last 8 years or so. Growing up in Arkansas the talent level was okay but there seems to be a wealth of talent in the state. The talent is outstanding and their success at the college level is phenomenal. Reading the article today Basketball: Arkansans aplenty in NCAA Men’s Tournament, I was even more impressed. What is the reason for the surge in talent in the great state of Arkansas?

We finally got shoes??

I think it comes from the strong AAU program and its development of players statewide. You see a few players like Kevaughn Allen who could be great in football but chose basketball instead. So there is a lean towards basketball in talented athletes that feeds the AAU teams.

The next big test of Mike Anderson’s recruiting will be the Moore HS Sophomore in West Memphis. He has locked up ALL of the upcoming talent in Arkansas except him. Being that close to Memphis will make it tough to get him away from the corrupt recruiting system over there.