State of Arkansas basketball recruits


For the recruiting experts/ insiders about the status of the State of Arkansas basketball talent.

Boys. Arkansas Class of 2020 has three players in the ESPN Top 100. Are all three a lock for UA and how about the Class of 2021? Didn’t notice any from Arkansas listed in ESPN’s Top 60 rankings.

Girls. Arkansas Class of 2020 has four players in the ESPN 100. Only one of the four appear to be heading to the Hill. Why did Sasha Goforth select Oregon State, Destiny Salary select Tennessee and of all people, Coriah Beck select Memphis? Why is so much talent leaving Arkansas? Lastly, of the three girls currently listed in ESPN’s Class 2021 Top 60, where does the UA stand for their signatures?

Appreciate y’alls insight and answers.


Goforth being at Fayetteville High School was probably not a plus in recruiting, since some kids want to get away from home. Did Arkansas offer Beck?

AR boys have four in the ESPN Top 100 for 2020. Yes, all are committed or signed with AR.

While I don’t see any AR kids in the 2021 Top 60 rankings, 5 (well six really, but he committed to aTm) currently ranked have expressed interest in AR.

As for the girls, Goforth I believe has some link to Oregon, Beck didn’t want to follow her dad’s path and wanted to create her own. Eaton came here. I don’t know why Salary chose TN. Maybe Dudley or RD can tell us that one.

Wolfenbarger, and Dauda have been spoken about by Dudley and RD. Both seem to like the Hogs. Think we are in good shape there. Haven’t heard of Higgenbottom before. Dudley, RD?

Saturday at 6:00 pm in Hot Springs the 6A girls finals will be Bentonville vs. Fayetteville. Wish I could be there to see this battle. Besides Dauda there will be other young ladies there that have a lot of D1 offers in the pocket that Neighbors is watching.

Who committed to aTm?

Jaxson Robinson

Just an added note. Nick Smith, Sylvan Hills HS, is top 50 in class of 2022. I believe AR is in good shape with him.

I don’t think Salary was a “take” for Arkansas, especially after Eaton committed. In fact, her signing with TN came as a surprise to most in Jonesboro, I think she got a real late offer after they missed on some.

Jaxon Robinson is from Ada, Oklahoma.

I know that

If you’re referring to my post above, I said I do not see any AR kids currently ranked, but 5 (6 counting Robinson) currently ranked in the ESPN Top 60 have shown interest

Got it.

Beck was offered but she also wanted to get away.

Salary moved to Jonesboro from Tennessee so there’s the draw to the Lady Vols.

I have not gotten to see Batesville’s Isabella Higginbotton (5-7) play, but I hear she is a very good point guard is ranked 59th nationally in ESPN’s 2021 girl rankings.

Well, she also didn’t have a committable UT offer until the signing period, most thought she was Minnesota, or somewhere else out of state bound.

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