Starting to get some depth in offensive line

With what we have returning (experienced and red shirts) in the offensive line, it looks like we might be able to redshirt Adcock, Clenin, and Wagner. If they’re as good as the coaches think they will be, that is a very good sign. Hopefully we will have enough returning quality players on the offensive line each upcoming year so that redshirting will be possible each year. It is very rare for an offensive lineman out of high school to be at a level to play immediately in the SEC, as we have seen (painfully) for the past several years when we did not have the quality returning depth that we hope to see this year. We have the quarterback, the running backs, and potential at both tight end and wide receiver, so I expect (hope for) impressive offensive showings. Come on Spring practice and the fall campaign. WPS!!!

I am interested to see the battle between Colton Jackson and Shane Clenin. If Clenin pushes, perhaps he doesn’t redshirt. Left tackle is so important. I know both are very talented foot athletes and that’s the key to that side of the line where the blind side blitzes originate.

I don’t know that we’ve got enough quality depth to redshirt all 3 of those freshmen this season. You’d like to be able to - and I think we’ll be where we can in a couple of years. But I’d be surprised if at least one of them didn’t get some playing time this fall.

In your valued opinion, is Clenin that good (SEC ready as a freshman) or is Jackson that questionable after last year under his belt?