Starting to get nervous about the Cincy game

I have no doubt we will win, just first game jitters. I hope and believe that our OL is going to allow the Hogs to control this game and hopefully the majority of games on our daunting schedule. With 10 wins we are a playoff team and there will be a statue of Sam on the lake beside his slobbering Razorback

Fear not!! For if the OL has struggles a few plays that’s what we have KJ for.

I am very worried about it. I wish I could say “I have no doubt we will win.”

I am just so used to being disappointed, I fully expect that this season (with this brutal schedule) will disappoint.

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Greg, aren’t you the guy who was ready to throw in the towel after the SEC Baseball Tournament?

Guilty as charged. (At least I do own it!) I fully admit I am a pessimist.

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I admit it is easy to be pessimistic with Hog Football since the motorcycle wreck.


I’m not “very worried”, but I’m a bit nervous about the Cincy game. The one thing Sam hasn’t yet proven, is that he can have the team ready from the kick-off in the first game of the season. I can’t get the first half of the Rice game last year out of my mind. We were down at half-time against Rice. If we play that way against Cincy, we may be down 2 or 3 TDs. We probably won’t be able to recover enough in the 2nd half to win the game.

One thing that still keeps me positive about the game is that our QB is returning and their QB is not. I think that’s a huge difference maker for us. Got my fingers crossed, but I believe we win this one by around 10 points. We must play well for that to happen.

I think our experience at OL and QB will be the difference. Cincy has proven they are a good program, but not SEC good. Will have to play well and not give them anything.

First games often are somewhat vanilla offense-wise as the full playbook may not be ready. This year, we have talented wide receivers, but how will the spring and summer translate to a well-oiled passing game? That said, we have a powerful running attack on paper–and proven from last season. I suspect that will be what we rely on to win this game. I’m actually more confident in our defense and special teams going into the early season than I have been in the past. Hogs win 27-17.

We are a 10 win team.


We were a vastly improved team by the end of last season than we were for game 1. Moreover, this is Sam’s first Arkansas gig with a returning starting QB…that’s huge.

I believe I read this is the first time Briles has the same QB for a 2nd year… think that is big for KJ and the offense. Line is solid and we have known RB’s so I think the offense will be fine.

Defensive line, as everyone else has said, is my biggest concern. Believe the LB’s will fine but time will tell. Can we get pass rush, can we stop the run? Those are the unknowns.

I think we will win the game but it’s going to be a struggle because we don’t normally start off playing very well. Cincinnati will be inexperienced but rest assured they will be very talented because Ohio is one of the best recruiting states in the country. The expected quarterback was #4in the country coming out of high school I believe.

The game will probably be decided as always by turnovers and who can take advantage of opportunities the best,who can turn red zone opportunities into touchdowns and mistakes like blown coverages which we did a lot last year early in the year with a very experienced secondary and this year we will have two maybe three very talented new people that will be all hyped up trying to make a play but don’t really know our scheme that great.

We must also establish a passing game that will keep people off the line of scrimmage if we can’t do that it’s going to be a tight game. September 3rd can’t get here quick enough I’m ready to see what we got

Look at our game versus Bama last season. Look at Cincy’s game against Bama. We were better than Cincy last year; we’re a lot better right now.

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You can’t compare scores they were much more motivated against them. They didn’t come into our game with the same intensity,we kind of snuck up.on them…I think we are better for sure,we will find out Sept 3

My primary point is our QB is greatly improved and much more “ready” than he was at the beginning of last season. I figure, as a team we’re at about the same level as we were at the end of last season, whereas Cincy has had substantial change, is now less experienced, and younger.

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I hope you’re right but he lost his security blanket receiver and we will need others to step up now… hopefully we will have some do that in the first game, sometimes it takes a few games for that to happen though.

I give you a different take. I like our WR’s, I don’t think he is going to need ‘A’ security blanket receiver, I think he will have several. We with be a lot more ‘open’ in the passing game.

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After a decade of disappointing football, it’s hard to believe that last year’s success makes a trend. So I’m nervous, too.


I totally agree with you gas, I think we have a ton of talent to throw to!! Now how long it takes to develop them, we will have to see… that’s why I’m just a little bit leery about this first game. …I think Cincinnati will load the box and make us prove that we can pass the ball which could burn them in the butt and I hope it does. I’m really looking forward to first game to see how Briles chooses to attack a very inexperienced Cincinnati defense.