Starting to feel like Texas week from

My days on the hill in the 80s

Bama is the one team if you beat you get the attention of the league and the country

Those days when the horns were the “it” game you just really wanted to win

The SEC certainly is a more prestigious conference week in and week out but let’s not kid ourselves Beating Bama just feels good

It’s been to long

Dickson Street could use a good ole victory party Sat night about 10pm

I agree. It’s been a long time since we beat a number 1 team.

I’m beginning to wonder if I will live long enough to enjoy another Arkansas victory over Bama.

I don’t have anywhere near the feelings about this series as I did the Razorback/Longhorn series when it was Broyles/Royal every year. But age may have something to do with it. Usually does with everything.

Knocking off #1 was a great day back then

It would be nice to experience it again

It would fill good to take them down…

Well after 2 games at 52 to zip.
Then 2 games of having them on the ropes, I think we will win.
Play 4 quarters!!

This is around the same time of year they played Texas, too.