Starting something new, 8 things I like and don't like

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Going to do this weekly instead of game-by-game observations. My hope is to touch on some in-depth stuff, whether it be Xs and Os, analytics or random, fun stuff around games.

Nice work. Very interesting.

Response: how do you justify this statement ( Arkansas won’t be that efficient all year. The Razorbacks will play tougher defenses and won’t shoot 55 percent from the floor or 40 percent from 3-point range for 30-plus games.) Regarding the two ball clubs the hawg’s beat are respectable NCAA tournament teams that returned every player from last season. I disagree, as the hawgs continue to mature together gaining playing experience on the hardwood it’s conceivable they can duplicate those stats maybe exceeding them. This team is still missing three players 2-6’8 senior forwards and a 4* 6’6 guard/wing. The season is still young plenty of time to get points production out of everyone, etc…

If those are our numbers at the end of the season, we would have been much more efficient on O than any team in the nation was on offense last year. We can be much less efficient from a raw numbers perspective and still be one of the best offenses in the nation. The current numbers are too high to realistically sustain as the competition gets stiffer. That doesn’t mean that we won’t improve on O as the season progresses. It just points out how good we were in the first two games. It’s not a knock on the team.

Retort: perhaps, regardless to say this team could not score 50% from the field and 40% from the three points line again throughout the rest of this season is being short sighted, if they achieved that in two games already early in the season why can they not do it again. You are right they don’t have to repeat those numbers again to win especially when they force the other to play bad…

I read Jimmy’s statement as saying that we would not shoot 55% from the field and 40% from the arc in every game, not that we could never accomplish that again.

Sidebar: we have already matched last season’s mark for the number of times that we have shot 40%+ from the arc as a team, and last year’s team wasn’t devoid of shooters. That’s real encouraging.

I’m going to assume you misinterpreted the comment.

They can definitely have other games where they shoot 55/40 this year. That’s a high bar, but not unattainable given the talent on the team. My point is/was it would be a major shock if they finished the year with those percentages. One team went at least 55/40 for the season last year: UCLA, which had the No. 1 offense in the nation. So that’d be tough.

Appreciate it!


Jaylen shooting a better percentage from 3, something I think will happen, would be huge. Obviously he isn’t going to shoot 50 percent, but Anton and C.J. won’t be at 16.7 and 33.3 either. It’ll be interesting to see if a fifth shooter emerges. You talk to people around the team and they think Dustin can be that guy. I’ll believe it when I see it. But he or Darious are probably the best candidates. I like Darious’ potential as a shooter, he’s just got to get some game confidence.